I’m April

I graduated university in 2017 and promptly took a diversion into an unplanned gap year, which is when I made this blog, that and my Mum suggested it would be a good idea after I almost presented my frustration at people who don’t believe in climate change (something that I deal with on a surprisingly frequent basis).

I live with a brain that has a tendency to go haywire. I live with various mental illnesses, and write about that.

I write about science, and about living as a twenty something technical adult in the UK, in a world that seems to be both increasingly angry and hard and increasingly soft and wonderful all in the same way.

I feel a lot of things and most times write to work those feelings out.

Here are some posts from my two favourite topics to write about –

Mental Health
World Mental Health Day 2017
Why I’m Not Watching To The Bone

Life is Scary
Being Lonely Vs Being Alone

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